4 Types of Best Selling Affiliate Products

Affiliate marketers are able to pick which type of products to promote, based on the theme of the web site or topic of interest. Each of them have drawbacks and benefits. Choosing the right one that fits in the market is going to maximize your revenue.

If you are using pay per click, matching the keyword to the right product it critical. People have different things in mind when they use search engines to find information or product. calphalon quartz heat countertop oven

Here are 4 types of tested and best selling affiliate products:

1. Physical products.
This includes computer, apparel, kitchen utensil, and practically everything that people sell. This model is the biggest of all models. Nowadays, you can find products or services in every niche that you can imagine with affiliate programs.

Over the years, I’ve been able to profit from pay per click selling physical volumes just by watching the trend and locate popular products.

More and more people go online to order anything, so definitely this is a growing market.

2. Digital products.
Digital products at first are more popular than physical products. As part of digital prodcuts are software, e-book, and online training.

Because there is virtually no duplication and delivery cost, the commission for this type of product can be very high but the competition is also very harsh.

3. Recurring products.
Both physical and digital products are also available in recurring model. In this one, clients or customers become a membership to a program so they get regular access and content.

Products can be mailed to your chosen address on a regular basis. This can be a very lucrative product because once the affiliate generates a sale, she is going to earn recurring income until the member chooses to cancel the account.

4. Cost per action
Also referred to as Pay Per Action. In this model, merchants pay based on an action taken by the visitors such as subscription or participation in a program. Usually the offer is free product.

In most cases such offer is converting very well because you don’t need a sale to get a commission but offer is not available in every niche, if you want to be offering high relevant product.